Don't let This happen to you....Meth Deaths
Lost A Friend to Meth
by KaRon E Westmoreland  

Jeffery Allen Edens Remembered
Jeff grew up in Marietta, GA, lived in Athens/Charleston,
SC/Macon/then back to Marietta.  He was found dead
after his heart collapsed from continued meth use near
his favorite fishing spot (photo below with fish was taken
at the spot of his death) near the Chattahoochee River.
To see his memorial site and sign his guest book go to
this link -
Jeff's Memorial

Let the Photos be the story.

Before Meth                 During Meth

Right Before His Death

Lost In Meth
Phil went on a binge -- he's been out of it ever

My cousin Phillip has resided in the Clarke Institute for
eight months. He wanders the halls disrobing, dumping
meal trays on himself and screaming. When he isn't
hostile, he's confused. Occasionally, he has lucid
moments, but they're cruelly fleeting. And it's all because
of crystal meth. Phil was a preternaturally wise child. He
got the highest marks in western Canada for
mathematics in grade eight, and in March was finishing
his second year honours in physics despite a fervent
passion for theology. He also had a long history and
affection for altered states of reality.

Little did my uncle realize what a Pandora's box his
eighth-birthday chemistry set would turn out to be. It laid
the groundwork for a future home lab where he would
combine cold medication, drain cleaner and Epsom salts
to get him and his buddies high.

Like most of my peers, I've smoked pot and laughed my
head off at Reefer Madness. We rolled our eyes at the
stories of kids who dropped acid and thought they could
fly. We knew the truth about pot, acid and mushrooms –
that the worst that could happen was a bad trip. You
might have a heart attack on cocaine, shut down your
respiratory tract on heroin, wind up having your stomach
pumped with a gutful of booze. But you wouldn't lose
your mind.

Then crystal meth came along, appropriately called ice
since it's easy to make in the privacy of your own
kitchen: thousands of recipes on the Internet,
ingredients from the drugstore and hardware store, and
a lab that can fit into a knapsack.

When I phoned Phil the week before his breakdown
(what they're calling a psychotic episode), he sounded
expansive, gregarious. He said he hadn't slept for two
weeks, which I took for plain exaggeration in the face of
upcoming exams. Then his best friend and roommate
was hospitalized with an apparent nervous breakdown,
and a few days later my aunt called to say Phil was
there, too.

We figured it was a plot concocted by the two of them, a
last-minute ploy to get their exams deferred. But when
his delusions escalated, it became obvious that this
wasn't the case.

He admitted to being a crank addict, and the truth slowly
emerged when we packed up his belongings at his
shabby bachelor in Kensington Market, the state of
which was beyond disgraceful and littered with
paraphernalia. No food, textbooks pushed far under the
soiled bed, sheaves of dreadful drug-induced poetry that
would make Coleridge twist in his damp grave.

Pure crystal meth is the prescription drug Desoxyn, but
that isn't what's sold on the street. The latter contains
any combination of hydrochloric acid, drain cleaner,
battery acid, lye, lantern fuel, antifreeze and Ritalin, as
well as the necessary phosphorus (from fertilizer) and
pseudoephedrine (from cold and sinus medications such
as Sudafed).

The resulting euphoria is like bungee-jumping, but it
lasts for hours and, as with cocaine, users binge for up
to weeks at a time.

Phil's last binge lasted three weeks. He didn't sleep and
didn't eat. His body didn't give out, so his brain did. He
screwed up his neurotransmitters and severed the hard
wiring that keeps the brain intact. I wonder if anything will
ever make it right again.

Hawaii drug treatment centres are reporting that for the
first time more ice addicts are being admitted than
alcoholics. The main U.S. government drug Web site
says meth "can produce psychotic symptoms that persist
for months or years after an individual has stopped
taking the drug." But this is a major understatement.
Phil's doctors see little hope of recovery.

I had a heart-to-heart with my own GP about Phil. She
said that this has become a national crisis, that the
medical profession is seeing thousands of young people
who have snapped "and are not just insane, but
aggressive and violently so."

I begged her for any hope at all. She thought long and
hard. "Well, they make excellent anti-psychotic
medications now. If he keeps taking them," she added.



"But he was normal," I cried. "He was better than normal."

"I'm sorry," she said.

Phil, modest, soft-spoken, gifted Phil with his bookcase
full of trophies, his parents' only child, spends the time
when he isn't sedated loping down the ward punching
himself in the face and masturbating in front of his

He spouts obscenities and barnyard-noise litanies.
Except for his parents, he isn't allowed visitors any more.
Which is OK because, sadly, few can bear to go.    
She Gave Her Heart for Meth

Brenda, a 27-year-old, Native American female,
arrived at Lame Deer Clinic Emergency department
at 10:30 pm, after her mother found her lying
unconscious and choking on her saliva. At the initial
evaluation, the nurse noted the following symptoms.
Brenda’s pupils were dilated, and her temperature
was extremely high. Her blood pressure was
abnormally high, and her heart rate was extremely

During the initial evaluation, the doctors immediately
ordered fluids to be given to rehydrate her. The
doctor then stimulated the contraction of the blood
vessels with a machine to increase her blood
pressure. At 11:00 pm, while Brenda was being
transferred by Help Helicoptor to Saint Vincent
hospital in Billings, she began to show signs of a
heart attack. The inflight emergency team
desperately tried to revive the woman by
administering CPR. The effort was successful.

After the helicopter arrived at Saint Vincent, a doctor
inserted a tube into the Brenda's vein. Through this
tube, a drug was given to control her abnormal heart
rate. A nurse checked her blood pressure again, but
it was still high. Brenda was then transferred to
Intensive Care. About two hours later, she suffered
another heart attack. This time, doctors and nurses
were unable to revive her, and Brenda died.
Following a urine analysis, lab technicians detected
that she had ingested a lethal dose of
Meth Doesn't Just Target the Young..

Police say son of former Seahawks owner died of

In SANTA ROSA, Calif. - A drug overdose killed the
son of a prominent developer, according to Sonoma
County Coroner's Sgt. Will Wallman.

Michael Behring, 52, died Nov. 18 in police custody
after being arrested in Santa Rosa. The coroner's
report indicated he had a lethal amount of
methamphetamine in his body.

Behring was the son of Ken Behring, a former owner
of the Seattle Seahawks and the developer of the
exclusive Blackhawk subdivision in Contra Costa

Sheriff's deputies stopped Behring after seeing his
car weaving on Highway 101. He was arrested after
officers found a warrant charging him with failing to
appear in a Contra Costa County court on a traffic

At the jail, a nurse recommended that he be taken
to the hospital. He died at Sutter Medical Center
about three hours after his arrest.

Tests showed he had 26.8 micrograms per liter of
the drug in his blood, Wallman said. The drug
becomes potentially lethal at 0.2 to 0.6 micrograms
per liter, he said.
Too Young To Die

I buried my 17 year old .He disappeared in Jan
1999, and was last seen begging for help as
"someone was after him". He didn't wait but kept
running for the mountains here in Oregon. He was
listed with national missing children as
endangered/missing. We learned later that a 29
year old man had injected our son all night with
meth, this man's answer as to why is because it was
better that he ( who my son knew) to shoot him up
than have a stranger do it . My son's remains were
found in an orchard here in rural Oregon this past
June,a year and a half after last seen. A few months
ago, while gong through my son's Bible, I came
across the following poem he wrote when he was
15, the age we have since learned he started using

The Desperate Cry by Tommy Kelly 1997
What is it worth, what is it worth
To pay the penalty man put on this Earth,
Come join me if you dare
To see the living Hell that is in despair
Most of my friends think it's a blast
But I'll tell you a story that didn't make me laugh,
The pain of pressure on fire,
It's one Hell of a rush
A rush that is uncontrollable, when everyone is
cheering you on!
Unfortunately, it wasn't that great to see
What might become my fate
To be alone is my fear
And what brings tears to my eyes
I just pray God hears my desperate cry
When the time comes to find what will become of me
I'll just have to be a man
Hold my chin up high
Face the music and
Hold back my cry
And when it comes to an end
I'll have a smile or a sigh, but
Always, always a desperate cry
Another Meth Death

Me and my brother and all of our friends were really
into crystal. My brother got pulled over one night
and he a little over an 8-ball of crystal in his pocket,
so instead of taking any chances of getting caught
he ate all of it, plus we were already high. They took
him to jail and he kept on asking if he could call
Grandma to get his anti-sezuire medicine and they
wouldn't let him. The police officers and all the
gaurds were all aware that he swallowed an
"unknown substance" so he was supposedly being
checked on every 15 minutes. Well we all knew that
was a lie because my brother Jesse died somewhere
between 9:15 and 11:30 a.m. He had 5 times the
usual dose of meth in his system. The town I live in
is very small and thats all anyone does around here.
I thought after my brother died more people than
just me would stop but I was wrong. Please stay
away from it all. If anyone knows of any groups or
organizations that are strictly dealing with meth
please let me know! Thanks
Meth Kills....Even Toddlers

You see, I lost my three-year-old daughter to this
drug. My brother and sister-in-law was baby sitting her
while I went to a doctor's appointment. Instead of
watching her, they were smoking crank in an upstairs
bedroom. She was two blocks away from their house
and was struck and killed by a car. This drug is an
epidemic. I live in Washington State and currently
know many people who use this drug. My stepson,
who is in jail right now, because of stealing a car on
crank, is so into the life style. My husband and me are
trying to save him from himself but he has a mother
who is on crank and does not condone his behavior
and who has been hiding him out for the last three
months. We finally found him and had him arrested.
We don't want to lose another child to this disease. I
have never felt so powerless in my whole life...thank
you for listeneing.
Sadly...there will be more stories to come...
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