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Prisoners of Meth - Jesse W. Hambrick , Jr.
“Prisoners of Meth” is a fascinating, round-trip journey into the dark world of
Crystal Meth Addiction and the much needed return trip into the light through
intervention and recovery for meth users.
The book's author, Jesse W.
Hambrick Jr., founded the Douglas County Meth Task Force in Douglas
County, Georgia, and is considered a leading expert in the area of
Methamphetamine production, distribution, use and treatment.

Mr. Hambrick wrote “Prisoners of Meth” after continually witnessing first hand
the desperation and suffering experienced by the friends and family
members of meth users and crystal meth addicts. This crucial guidebook on
meth addiction offers common sense, plain-English answers to questions
like, "What is methamphetamine?" and "How can I recognize the signs of
meth addiction or abuse in my loved ones?" It also answers the question
"What now?" that many friends and family members ask themselves when
they find out their loved one is abusing Crystal Meth, and also provides in
detail the ABC's of how intervene on behalf of a Meth user.

If you are currently struggling to help a loved one who is using Crystal Meth,
"Prisoners of Meth" was written for you.

If you suspect that your loved one might have a meth addiction and don’t
know where to turn; "Prisoners of Meth" was written for you.

Even if you don't know a Meth user, but are interested in finding out more
about the destructive nature of the drug called crystal meth, ice, krank,
tweak, Tina, speed or methamphetamine, "Prisoners of Meth" was written for

It is not only methamphetamine addicts that becomes prisoners of meth.
People that love and care about them also become "Prisoners of Meth."
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Author's Bio:
Jesse Walton Hambrick Jr.


Jesse Hambrick is presently with the Douglas County (Georgia) Sheriff's
Office and assigned to the Special Investigations Division.  In this capacity,
his primary responsibility is to identify, investigate and prosecute those
persons involved in the possession and distribution of illegal narcotics –
specifically Methamphetamine. Hambrick is currently a Clandestine
Laboratory Certified Technician, as well as a certified Clandestine Laboratory
Site Safety Supervisor through the DEA.  He is trained to respond to and
manage hazardous materials scenes resulting from Methamphetamine
Clandestine Laboratories.

From these experiences, he developed and now teaches several different
courses to local law enforcement, private citizens, volunteer groups and
school administrators in the area of drug abuse recognition and identification.
Specifically, Hambrick created numerous courses on Methamphetamine use,
as well as the Labs that create the fastest growing drug in the U.S.  Through
these classes, he worked with over 10,000 community leaders, teachers, law
enforcement, and treatment providers to recognize Methamphetamine use.
He is considered by many to be one of the country’s leading authorities in
the drug’s use and production.

Hambrick is also the coordinator of the county’s Methamphetamine Task
Force. This group is comprised of local, state, and federal law enforcement
agents, public service professionals, public school administrators and
private citizens.  The task force’s main objective is to combat the
Methamphetamine problem in the county through prevention, education,
treatment and enforcement. The Douglas County Meth Task Force was the
first of its kind in Georgia and now a model for other such groups both state
and nationwide.

Hambrick has been involved in narcotics investigations for the past eleven
years and has conducted large and small scale, overt and covert
Methamphetamine investigations.  These circumstances provided him the
opportunity to become well versed in Methamphetamine production and
distribution throughout the United States, as well as the drug’s effect on the
human brain and body.  Through countless interviews and interactions with
users and addicts, Hambrick has conducted and been an integral part of
numerous successful interventions. Additionally, he has dismantled
Methamphetamine labs of all types.  Given this, he is an expert on the drug’s
production – even showing other law enforcement officials (in controlled
environments) the intricacies of how a lab works.


-    Awards from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau
of Investigations, as well as received the 2004 Sheriff’s commendation
award, for outstanding accomplishment in the area of narcotics enforcement.

  • - Directed and assisted in the production of “Crystal Death.” a 30-
    minute video about the dangers of Methamphetamine.

  • -  Directed and produced a 15 minute PSA on Methamphetamine

  • - Testified in 2005 in both the House of Representatives and State
    Senate as a key witness for passing state law restricting the sale of

  • - Educated in excess of 4000 public and private school teachers and

  • - Developed the website that has generated
    several thousand hits since its inception 18 months ago.

  • - Featured in hundreds of news articles and television programs,
    including a documentary series produced for public television.

  • - Conducted Methamphetamine consultations and key note addresses
    for Georgia Tech University, the Georgia Department of Juvenile
    Justice, the Georgia Children’s’ Advocacy Group, the Georgia
    Department of Family and Children Services and the Georgia Council
    on Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

  • - Assisted in the video introduction of the Governor’s keynote address
    for the State Methamphetamine Summit in 2004.

  • - Created a Methamphetamine awareness brochure with over 30,000 in

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